There's lots of answers to this question and it depends on who you're comparing us to. 

First off, we're most proud of our user interface, which is designed specifically to be used by people with no technical expertise. 

Second, unlike some of the competition our solution speeds up your network by forcing all devices to share bandwidth fairly. 

Third, our features grow week after week and month after month as our users continue to participate in our feedback and learning loop that results in new feature generation. 

Next, we support a Facebook community where our users share experiences and help each other (and us) out. 

And then there's notifications. Aerez wants to tell you when important stuff is happening on your network with text messages or email today - push notifications after we're funded! 

Finally, we believe we're very price competitive to other subscription based control solutions.

Aerez will work with any service provider that you can plug a standard Ethernet cable into. Some providers that we've already verified include: Verizon, ATT, Time Warner, Midcontinent, GCI, SRT, Cox, Comcast, Charter, CenturyLink, CableOne, 702 and the list continues to grow!

Yes. Aerez works with any standard Ethernet port that provides Internet access and if there's any interference, Aerez will alert you if it thinks your network could be improved or optimized.

Maybe - if your existing router is Ethernet only, Aerez can replace it. If your existing modem is for DSL or cable, it will still be necessary to use that device to bridge your service providers connection to a standard Ethernet format. We're happy to help ensure you have the best connection and can assist with contacting your ISP to configure their modem for the best operation with Aerez.

No. Aerez consists of a login account to our cloud servers and a companion hardware router with a custom configuration. You can check out our YouTube and see Aerez in action and learn more by visiting: Aerez YouTube Channel

Aerez can be used with any wifi or Ethernet device. Some examples include: iPhones, iPods, iPads, Kindle, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Roku, AppleTV, SmartTVs, PCs, Windows, MAC, android tablets, IoT devices (smart X) and more.

Absolutely not! MCP Networks, the company that made Aerez, has filed patents related to our custom algorithms that ensure a smooth Internet experience for our customers. Unlike other routers, Aerez automatically adds Quality of Service and bandwidth shaping intelligently, without our customers having to know any technical details or perform any actions besides using the app to add some users and tell us whether they're adults, kids, guests, etc. Aerez is built for Internet connections up to 100Mbps and our Pro version is built for Gig (1000Mbps).

250. This is a software limitation and may be increased as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows.

Aerez will intercept the bad request and redirect the device's browser to our server which will show that Aerez blocked the request.

No problem! Aerez is positioned at the center of the network and all traffic flows through it, so we can enforce that your kids' devices have to use our filtering technology, regardless of how they've configured the device's local DNS settings.

Aerez knows when important things happen and you can opt-in to being alerted to certain events, such as when a new device has joined your network (so you can authorize it), your connection has been interrupted due to an outage (power or provider), or when a device is possibly misbehaving and is using up all the bandwidth on your network (and potentially slowing others down). Aerez will continue to get smarter and communicate more with our customers as they tell us what other things are important for them to know. All of Aerez' alerts came from user requests during feedback sessions!

Aerez may have evolved as a parental controls solution, but that's not all we do. Our patent pending algorithms ensure that no single device or individual user can make the Internet slow for all the other devices and users. If you have roommates and find that the Internet gets slow, Aerez can help you prevent this entirely or determine what to do about it through our alerts

Aerez was originally designed by founders who spent half of every week working from home. We've based our software on hardware used by service providers all over the globe and it's a solid platform. You won't need to worry about dropping your VPN or rebooting Aerez. Not only that, but our Internet smoothing algorithms will guarantee that your VPN is prioritized and allocated bandwidth even with the network is saturated

Yes! With just a few taps you can enable a guest wifi network that is completely isolated from your normal wifi network and firewalled for security so that guests can't get access to your devices. It's perfect for get togethers where you want to make it easy to get online and for when the kids bring friends over and you don't want to risk connecting their devices to the same network where you do your banking and taxes!

No. Aerez uses the idea of users. You create a user for each of your family members. Then you assign devices that Aerez automatically detected to those users. If a user has the filter on, then all of the devices for that user are filtered, and if the user is not filtered, neither are their devices. Changing the filter on or off takes only a few taps.

Yes! A recent feature request from our trial users was to implement a history checker. Since all traffic flows through Aerez, it knows what all of your family members have been doing and you can get a report of what's been recently used.

Yes! You can have multiple login accounts that monitor and administer the same Aerez household, so mom can pause the Internet to get some chores done and dad can unpause it after inspecting their work!

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