Meet Aerēz

Main Features

Today's home network should be as smart as the devices it connects. Aerez connects strong WiFi with efficient use of your available bandwidth to give you an optimized, safe and controlled Internet experience.

Why Aerēz?

Security and Speed You Can Count On

Aerēz is not your everyday router and app combo! Listen to co-founder and CTO Marc as he shares what makes Aerēz so special and different: Pause the internet, go faster and best of all "you" ask for features and "we" develop them!

How It Works


 A well managed, secured, connected network requires the right equipment.

Aerēz is a software application based on the powerful Mikrotik RouterBoard platform, allowing users to manage everything connected to their home network and WiFi with ease. 

This router is a massive upgrade if you’re still using the one provided by your ISP. It has dual band AC WiFi, multiple antennas and the full power that the FCC allows. Aerez will allow your device to take advantage of the best speeds available, whether your gear uses 2.4 or 5 Ghz. 

Our custom software and algorithms self configure your network. You’ll enjoy the best Internet experience possible for your specific home network and Internet speed.

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